How to Sign Up

Fill out the required fields on the Sign Up page.  Click the I am not a Robot button and select the correct photos.  Read the Privacy notice and the Terms and Conditions notice and click the checkbox at the bottom of the page.

The next page is your Mobilist account dashboard.  You will see your name and organization on the upper left.  Clicking here allows you to update your information.

Now, with your mobile device, go to your app store and load the Mobilist Team Member App.
Once loaded on your mobile device, open the app.  The first page is the Request Access Code.  Type you email address on the first line and press the Request Code button.

An email will be sent with your access code.

Copy the code.  Open the Mobilist Team Member App and paste the code as shown.
Press the Continue button and the mobile device is now connected to your web account.  Closing the app will not require a new access code. You can close the app at any time by clicking the phone home button at the bottom of the phone.  The app will downsize to its icon.  Clicking the icon will restart the app where you left off.

If the app is logged out, then a new access code can be received as before.
The app will now show a default form, Welcome to Mobilist.  Click on the Welcome to Mobilist form title, follow the instructions on each page and press the Save Answers button on the last page.






Go back to your web account, log in, then click the Submissions button on the left side of the dashboard and see your submission from the Welcome to Mobilist form.