Mobilist Best Practices For Admins

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Administrator - Install Mobilist App

Install the Mobilist Team Member App and connect it to the web account dashboard with an access code.  You will now have access to all forms for all Teams.  After creating a form, test it on your mobile device to ensure it works properly.

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Creating Machinery Checklists

When making machinery checklists, it is not always necessary to have a single checklist item on each page.  If several checks can be made in an area, put these items on a single checklist page.

Step By Step Instructions

When you first launch Mobilist for your team you will likely include step by step instructions for them in the proper use of the form and nformation to be collected.

Once forms and checklists are familiar to employees, instructions like Click the Next button should not be unnecessary and cn be removed from the template.

Use Descriptive Titles

If you have multiple forms that are in use daily, multiple times a day or multiple times a week (Eg. Shift Changes, Production Run Change Overs) make sure to use titles that are easy for team members to understand and include those details int he title.

Eg. First Shift Safety Check, Third Shift Boiler Readings, Inventory Monday/ Thursday

Create a Feedback Form

It is good practice to have a single form called Suggestions to the Administrator available to all members.  In this way, employees using Mobilist forms can easily communicate ways to improve their experience.

Devices Retain No Data

Employees do not have access to the Administrator’s dashboard and any data added during a form’s completion is deleted from the employee’s mobile device after the form has been submitted.

Team Members - Training For Complaints

It is good practice to provide employees who might interact with customers with training about how to handle customer complaints and report them in a manner that accuratley records the issues and helps relieve customer stress.

Incident/ Accident Reporting

It is good practice to provide employees procedures on how you expect them to handle accidents and how to document it using a Mobilist form(s).

Use Folders To Stay Organized

Placing forms in the folders makes the mobile app screen presentation more compact. 

Folders can be arranged from the Admin Dashboard under the forms area.

Folders at the top will show at the top on the mobile app.

It is good practice to place the most used or most important folders near the top so they will appear that way on the mobile app.