Benefits of Mobilist Mobile Forms


Improve operational control with always up to date checklists and procedures which are consistent through out your organization. Checklists covering everything from personal safety to machinery maintenance provide employees with the tools to reduce liability and improve efficiency.

Ease of use

Mobilist has been designed to operate automatically with minimal effort by the administrator. Checklist alerts are sent to the managers in charge. The account dashboard has been designed to be self explanatory. The free Mobilist Team Member App uses voice to text, text to voice, key board entry, and single answer Quick Answer Buttons. The website includes complete instructions for its use. Mobilist also offers free account setup if desired.

Problem Identification

Problems identified during a checklist are automatically and immediately sent as an alert report to a designated manager. This allows for faster correction of problems and improved safety.


No new hardware is required and the software is cloud based. The Mobilist Team Member App is free.  The first 30 days is free. The account is charged $3 per user per month thereafter.

Always up to date

Requirements are constantly changing. With Mobilist, edit your forms and the next time they are opened on the app, the changes are applied.

Little administrator time

Once set up, Mobilist is designed to operate automatically without input from the administrator. This includes identifying problems and sending them to managers who can take corrective action. This also include identifying which required checklists have not been completed as required.

Data analysis:

Mobilist stores saved data which can be analyzed at a later date. The dashboard reports area can be used to analyze stored data for trends and problems.

Discovery of inaction

Required inspections and checklists which are not completed on time are summarized and sent as an alert report to a designated manager. This feature operates independently of the administrator. It is no longer necessary to look through paperwork to discover an overlooked checklist or inspection.


Bring data together from any location. Have one account for all branches where data is consolidated. With the ability to create teams for each branch, alerts can go to branch management. A singe account also ensures that eForms are consistent between branches.