Get New Hires up to speed, FAST
with Checklists and Procedures on the App

Your custom checklists and procedures are always available on the app

Create your custom checklists and procedures from your secure account. Returned data automatically updates your custom reports and alerts.

Stay Legal

Meet Checklist Requirements


Identify Missed Schedules
Item or Employee

Ease of Use

Designed for Field Operation
Voice to Text, Text to Voice

Automatic Operation

Auto Update from New Data
Minimal Admin Input

Fully Custom

Custom Forms, Teams, Reports
Alerts, Emails, Follow-up


Ideal for Multi Branches
Integrates with Other Software

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Deliver checklists to worker mobile devices
Save completed checklists on your dashboard
Identify noncompliance and send alerts
Summarize saved data in reports
Instant updates to each worker
Unlimited members and teams of members

Mobilist Online Forms and Checklist for your Business or Organization
Mobilist Admin Dashboard

Your Secure Mobilist dashboard

Add custom checklists and forms
Add members and teams
Assign checklists to teams
Create custom alerts and reports
Copy checklists from templates
Manage your subscription
Build gateway for web versus app input

Mobilist Team Member App

            Members open the app and complete checklists
Free iOS and Android app
Text to Voice, Voice to Text
Optional keyboard input
GPS, Photos, Barcodes

Advanced Features

Copy checklists from templates
Send completed checklists to managers
Create Alerts from submitted data
Create Reports from submitted data
Allow submissions through web gateway
Export data via api to other software

Introductory Offer
Free Account Setup by Mobilist
30 Day Free to Use
iOS and Android App Always Free

Mobilist is designed for organizations that use checklists to eliminate accidents and reduce liability by offering a cloud-based system to manage the completion and submission of safety and compliance protocols

It verifies that employees complete checklists when and where required.  Controlled by the administrator from the secure web dashboard, Mobilist sends custom checklists, forms, and procedures to employee mobile devices and allows creation of custom alerts and reports from submitted data.

The web account is secure and transmissions to and from the app are encrypted.  Submitted forms are removed from employee phones and are thereafter only available on the dashboard. Employees interact only with the mobile app.

Located in Austin Texas, we have been in business since 2004, delivering safety training to a wide range of industrial clients.

Follow these steps for the FREE TRIAL

  1.  Click the Sign Up button to start your 30 day trial, no credit card is required.  Once signed up, you will see your secure dashboard where you control what is shown on the mobile app.

2.  With your mobile device, go to your app store and load the MOBILIST TEAM MEMBER APP. Open the app and follow the instructions.


Custom Forms:  The form builder on your dashboard allows you to author any form or checklist or copy templates.

Custom Reports:  Saved data can be displayed in reports and imported to your management software.


Custom Alerts:  Send alerts to managers based on submissions and reports.

Custom Teams:  Your dashboard allows for the creation of unique teams of members who receive only specific checklists and forms.

Ease of use:  Mobilist has been designed to operate automatically with minimal effort by the administrator. The app is designed for field use.


Control:  Mobilist provides verification of checklist requirements and retains completed checklists in the archive.

Data analysis:  Saved data can be analyzed through Reports. Export data to other management software.


Inexpensive:  $3 per user per month or site license for greater savings.

Consolidation:  Bring data together from any location. Submissions are marked with date, time, gps, and employee.