Quick Start Guide
Mobilist App

**Please note that you must have created an Aministrator Account before you can use the Mobilist App on your mobile devices

  1. From your mobile device go to your app store and install the FREE Mobilist Team Member App
  2. After the app is installed on your device, open it
  3. The first page is the Request Access Code.  Enter your email address in the field and click Request Code . **Your Administrator must have added you as a Member
  4. Open the email from Mobilist, copy the access code from within
  5. Open the Mobilist Team Member App and paste the access code, click Continue.
  • Your Mobilist Team Member App will open with a Default Forms folder and a default form called Welcome to Mobilist if opened for the first time. You will not be required to get another access code during normal operation of the app.  If you log out of the app from the settings in the upper left of the page, log back in the same way.
  • As Administrator, you will see all forms on your mobile device.  Team Members will only see forms assigned to their Team.
  • Click on Welcome to Mobilist and the form will open.
  • Follow the instructions on each page to complete the form.  The last page will have a Submit button which sends the form, along with your answers, to your Mobilist web account.
  • Log in to your Mobilist web account, click the Submissions button  on your dashboard to view your responses.