Mobilist Terminology

Website Account: The place on the website where all activity for a single organization is stored.

Dashboard: Where all the tools are located for running the Website Account.

Administrator:  The individual who manages members, teams, forms, and reports, and is the only person with direct access to the Website Account.  From the Administrator’s mobile device, running the Mobilist Team Member App, all forms are available to allow quality control review.

Mobilist Team Member App:  The FREE iOS and Android mobile app which connects Team Members to the Website Account.

Team Member: Employees registered on the Website Account who receive forms on their Mobilist Team Member App.  Team Members receive only those forms designated by the Administrator for that Team and DO NOT have access to the Website Account.  Team Members can be part of more than one Team.

Team: A grouping of Members who all receive the same forms.

Form: Any checklist, procedure, training, or note created and stored on the Website Account.  Forms are always part of a Folder.

Form Library:  The place on the Website Account where form templates are stored.  Templates can be copied to your account and edited.

Submission: A form from the Mobilist Team Member App that is saved back to the Website Account and includes all Member responses.

Folder: A grouping of Forms which allows fast assignment to Members.

Report: The custom criteria, set by the Administrator, which takes responses from an individual form and produces a report output.

Alert Report: A report which is automatically generated each time a submission meets custom criteria and is emailed to a responder.

Responder: Any individual who has been designated to receive an alert email such as the maintenance supervisor.

Subscription: The pages on the website which describe your billing.