Use Cases

Mobilist Features
Sends custom Forms to Members on App
Forms are Checklists, Procedures, Training, Inspections, & Safety Protocols
Instant update of form changes
Elimination of paperwork
After setup, automatic operation
Receives and archives all submitted forms
Automatic update of custom Reports
Emails submissions if required
Emails custom Alerts
Integrates with other software
Sends forms to custom Teams of Members
Allows submissions through a web gateway
Submissions include member, time, & gps

Mobilist Uses
Provide Checklists and Verify Use
Provide Procedures
Generate Inspection Reports
Verify Maintenance Performed
Track Consumables Usage
Verify Training Received
Verify Building Security with Photos
Incident Reporting
Time on Job Tracking
Emergency Procedures
First Response Teams
Trend and Data Analysis
Send Data to Existing Software