Scheduled Checklists




Why Mobilist

Simpler than paper
Stores blank checklists
Updates instantly
Saves responsible employee
Saves completion schedule
Saves completed forms
Saves who, when where
Verifies completion
Sends alerts to managers
Reports missed schedules

Easy to Use
Always Available


Mobilist Team Member App

App with
Checklists and

Schedule Reminders

In-app notification when a checklist is scheduled to be completed.

Quick Answer Buttons

Answer questions with the click of a button.


Take photos as a response to a checklist question.


Completed checklists and forms have a GPS location attached to them for additional verification of actual completion.

Audio Comments

Answer questions with your voice which is then converted to text.

Text to Voice

Have checklist questions spoken to you along with the text version.


Alerts can be setup for certain responses which are then automatically emailed to any manager.

Where to Find the App

MOBILIST TEAM MEMBER APP is available FREE on Android and iOS.

Web Based
Custom Content
Custom Teams


Where You
Control the App

Custom Elements

Add unlimited members, teams, checklist forms with completion schedule, emergency procedures, alerts, and reports.


Verification of checklist completion is done automatically, creating a report of overdue checklists.  All checklists submitted to the dashboard database include the employee name, date, time, and GPS location.


All completed checklists and forms are saved to the dashboard database, with member name, date, and location.

Schedule Dates

Due dates can be added to any checklist resulting in a timely notification on the app.

Multiple Response Types

Checklist questions can be responded to with text, quick answer buttons, voice, or photos.


Alerts can be setup for certain responses which are automatically emailed to any manager.


Use templates from the library as a starting point for your custom checklists.

Where Mobilist

Emergency Procedures alway available

Keep up to date on aircraft checklists

Verify the bus is empty at the end of shift


After your trial 30 day period, your credit card will be billed $1 per member per month through Stripe.  If you are not satisfied we will refund your money.

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Ocean Learning, Inc. of Austin Texas is the owner of Mobilist and has been in business since 2003.


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